In addition to cultivation, the world of olive oil is also a culture.
Our “EVOØLUTION” project introduces you to the world of olive oil through direct information starting from ancient times and including vocabulary to describe olive oil. That oil that made people write and discuss in a fascinating and scandalous world. In addition to the words you hear during the Seminar (see program) we propose that you taste and discover how the definition of Extra Virgin is no longer sufficient to describe an olive oil.
We are available to travel to where you would host us, and we are willing to host you in our location where you will personally witness the transformation of the olive fruit into olive oil. In collaboration with our growers and wine producers, you will have an unforgettable experience with the products of our territory, not forgetting the cultural aspects.

From Cori to Brussels: two days at the Italian Cultural Institute of the European capital dedicated to extra virgin olive oil

Two days dedicated to the culture of olive oil, and the quality of Cori olive growing was hosted in Brussels last weekend. Itrana of Cori extra virgin olive oil was the protagonist of the conference. EVOlution: Past, Present and Future of the olive culture during which the historical and legendary origins of the olive tree and transformation and organoleptic characteristics typical of extra virgin olive oil. But above all, guided tastings were offered to an international audience who rightly so views the charm of made in Italy being synonymous with excellence and quality. Speaker, Catullo Manciocchi, olive grower from Cori and CAPOL professional taster, welcomed by the director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Paolo Grossi. The event was also an excellent showcase for the newly established EVOOCORI team, a group of producers of extra virgin olive oil that focus on excellence. Members of the team include: Marco Carpineti, Cincinnato, Colle San Lorenzo, Frantoio Appetito, Società Agricola I Lori, Impervio, Odisseo, Rosa & Meo, Rupebianca.

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