Der var engang. C’era una volta. Once upon a time. With these words all good stories begin. Especially the story about the man to whose memory I dedicate this olive oil. Because once upon a time Erik Moseholm came to Cori. The small mountain village southeast of Rome where foreigners were still a rare sight back then in 2003. But with his kind curiosity and extrovert personality he soon became a well-known face among the local population. And to me he became much more than that.Erik Moseholm, musician, composer and a great cultural personality became my friend and inspiration. He is one of the reasons why the choice was made to send my olive oil across borders. Erik was there when I received first prize for best olive oil in the first competition I participated in. He gave me his book ”Be on Time”. Relevant in all life situations. Also for olive oil, which should be enjoyed while it still has its young scent. Keep this oil in a dark and cool place, then it will live longer. Erik lived until he was 82 years old. He died in 2012, but we will not forget him.

Anders Moseholm Artist